Shared Future In a Fractured World

Shared Future In a Fractured World

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My kind of Davos,

For years world economic form has been held at Davos where all the excellent brains meet for the policy making. Brilliance flows in the air for the innovative business collaborations and deliberations.The difference this year at World Economic Forum was that, there was plenty of sense in a the air related social and environment welfare, interestingly many business ideas have been revolving around the environment issues social welfare and Global equality.

All of sudden this kind of responsible sense of business started prevailing right after the speech of Hon PM during the planery session. Not merely focusing upon business and commercial tie ups between Govts and business tycoon it has been a different shift of focus towards making the policies for the better world.

It’s been vicious weather at Davos many days with nearly four feet of snowfall, the worst in 30 years, causing widespread disruption and traffic jams across the small town. It even forced the PM to take the road route from Zurich airport instead of the helicopter he was supposed to take when he landed from Delhi in Air India One.

Delivering the speech in chaste Hindi and invoking the oldest Upanishad, Modi began by discussing the theme of this year’s WEF “Shared Future In a Fractured World” but then displayed the full breadth of his oratory covering the widest possible array of issues. He quoted the Upanishads, saying Indians consider the world one big family. The PM also had a message and a challenge for Indians and India Inc. He set the target of $5 trillion by 2025: an ambitious goal that requires India to nearly double in eight years.

However, he also said that if we do that, forget about being job-seekers, Indians will be job givers. Another ambitious goal for a country that is struggling to create enough jobs within the economy. That was a comment for detractors who have criticised his nearly four-year-old government for jobless growth.

The whole Forum seems like Indianised not only the speech of PM , it about the core business strategy as well where India has put it’s step forward to display at the world stage about what has been transformed in India during the last 3 years of revolutionary economic restructuring and ironing out of difficulties.Reforms of Tax restricting with bringing the GST in place it has created a comfort in the minds of Global investors where they are now sure about the intentions of India to provide a level playing field for all.

Eradicating the black money with such a bold decision has created a ripple effect in Economic world where many other countries are thinking of adopting the same way to curb the crime and black money this has been made out when many intellects asked me the same question about how the implementation of Demonetisation has been done.
On the various sessions and panels the Ujwala scheme and the Jan Dhan scheme was discussed and talked about interestingly this was talked about where India didn’t have anything to do with and things had been place and talk as exemplary for the execution of right policies with the right intention and in a time bound manner.

This time Global community saw a different India where the realised lot of Indias in one India as various states have had their own pavilions to display their strengths the means of attracting the investment for all across the world.Having 3 chief minister themselves available and talking to the investors directly with back to back meetings from 8 am to 8 pm .

Such a proactive promotion and keen interest of Global investors in the Indian sphere of business has never been seen earlier and this has been welcomed .

Interestingly beyond business people are have been talking and giving examples of revolutionary reforms India brought in the system and implemented successfully. Rather further going beyond it I was amazed to see that people from places like Argentina and Norway follow Prime ministers speeches and interviews where the saw his last interview before leaving for Davos given to TV channels. All they started talking about “ONE NATION ONE ELECTION” is must for your country as PM Modi suggested, this gave me a real sense of being in the brightest spot on the Earth that is India , the whole World is looking up to us. Being invited for a dinner by chairman JP Morgan Jamie Diemon I was privileged and there as well all the czars of banking world talked and asked about India perspective.

(Writer is Chairman of Foreign Investment and NRI Cell, Govt. of Haryana. Views are his personal)

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