Modi, the economic unifier of India

Modi, the economic unifier of India

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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) becoming a reality has conclusively leapfrogged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the league of great Indian leaders. His contribution to the country’s economic unification will always be cherished by generations to come. GST is not an ordinary feat. It had been in discussion and formulation for almost 17 years,
but Prime Minister Modi, after coming to power in May 2014, accelerated the pace to implement GST sooner the better. Most of us do not know the amount of efforts and consultations, which have gone into making the GST a reality. It could be possible just because of decisive and determined leadership of Prime Minister Modi and his
team, in particular Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who never ever exhibited an iota of desperation in the run up to the GST rollout, but always remained steadfast in his assertion that the GST would be a reality from July 1.

It was a Herculean task indeed for the Prime Minister Modi to ecnomically unify India, which is politically and socially so complex country, a which was not even unanimous in electorally denouncing former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi for her dreaded decision to impose Emergency in the country in 1975 as was first reflected in 1977
General Elections and later in the mid-term polls held in 1980. Gandhi’s defeat in 1977 was not decisive, but her party’s victory in 1980 was decisive. However, Modi’s GST feat has once proved that if the government wants to do something good for the nation, people from different walks of life will offer exemplary support, provided the
leadership is strong and truly national in nature.

Since independence India has seen a few leaders who will always be remembered for their landmark initiatives. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is known for his yeoman’s efforts in uniting the Princely states with India, Indira Gandhi for liberating Bangladesh from the tyrannical clutches of Pakistan and former Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao for
ushering the era of liberalisation. Now Prime Minister Modi has unified the country with ‘one tax’ mechanism, which certainly strengthens the spirit of true federalism and patriotism. The implementation of GST was not an easy task. It was not waging a war with enemies but a more arduous exercise where you have to convince opposition parties for their support not only in the Parliament but also in the state Assemblies. Thanks to Modi magic, the needful was
done in a record period of time.

Prime Minister Modi’s address to the august gathering at the historic Central Hall of Parliament on June 30 midnight was also befitting his stature. His glowing words were really inspiring and were directly coming from his heart. These were the words of a Prime Minister who really feels for the country and the countrymen. Let me quote him: “In the process of nation building, we often arrive at a moment which leads us to a path breaking juncture and opens up a plethora of opportunities in imploring us to aspire for new dreams. At the stroke of the midnight hour today, together we shall ensure a pioneering future of the nation.”

(The writer is National Office Secretary of BJP. Views are his personal)

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