Involving start-ups in making a New India

Involving start-ups in making a New India

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India needs to be hundred times better than what she is today. It is satisfying to see that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working hard to make a New India by 2022. It is a great goal indeed, challenging but achievable.The premise of New India needs to be built on the fact that national resources and opportunities should be evenly distributed among all. These should not be the luxury of one particular class of the society, which is capable of usurping even the rights and privileges of others as citizens. Therefore, the involvement of all stakeholders in creating a new India is a wonderful idea the Prime Minister Modi is currently working on. A new India means an India which takes care of all without any discrimination against any social segment, an India which denounces corruption in any form and social injustice in totality, a situation where fair is fair and unfair is unfair. India can never be a different one from what she is today if positive and affirmative changes do not aim at the aggrandisement of those on social margins.

Prime Minister Modi was as usual at his best while addressing the country’s young entrepreneurs at the ‘Champions of Change’ initiative organised by the NITI Aayog in New Delhi on August 17 at Pravasi Bharatiya Kendra. As many as six groups of young entrepreneurs made presentations before the Prime Minister on themes such as soft power, Incredible India 2.0, education and skill development, health and nutrition, energising a sustainable tomorrow, digital India and of course New India by 2022. These issues were never discussed in the past, but have occupied the centre stage in India’s scheme of things today for which the credit goes to Prime Miniter Modi and his team. With crippling health and education facilities and institutionalised corruption, India will never be able to leapfrog to the next level of development.

That is why the NDA government at the Centre has launched a campaign to root out corruption from the country. Unfortuantely, the perpetrators of corruption in the country have always been those who are powerful, educated, highly qualified and holding important and relevant positions in the system and suffers are the country’s lessers mortals who are classified as common people, who are further divided into various social and religious groups and sub-groups. As a result, the sense of loyality is always missing from among those who are Constitutionally obliged to work for the betterment o the society.

Prime Minister Modi rightly appreciates new ideas and innovations. The ‘Champions of Change’ initiative is a good move to bring together diverse strengths for the benefit of the nation and society. In his address to the entrepreneurs, the Prime Minister revealed that ‘the team of senior officers in Union Government are keen to explore new avenues and ways for the betterment of people.’ He also encouraged the entrepreneurs to continue their ideation in their respective groups. The Prime Minister said that a lot of small changes have been brought in by the Union Government, which have brought significant results. He said trusting the common man, through self attestation of documents is one such initiative. He also mentioned the abolition of interviews for Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ positions in the Union Government. What really raises hope for the common is the Prime Minister Modi’s consistent emphasis on filling every gap. There is a need to harness technology and innovation to transform governance.

(The writer is Director, Centre for Economic Policy Research, Chandigarh. Views are his personal)

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