BRICS cooperation to be wider, brighter: Researchers

BRICS cooperation to be wider, brighter: Researchers

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Beijing, Aug 28, BRICS will enhance partnerships and include more friendly nations in BRICS Plus, Chinese researchers said at a State Council Information Office briefing here on Monday.Zhang Yansheng of the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges interpreted BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa — Plus as expanding “the circle of friends” so that more emerging market economies and developing countries could join, reports Xinhua news agency.

For a “brighter future”, BRICS should contribute more to make the world open wider, safer and full of cooperative spirit, while strengthening partnerships to confront global uncertainties, including de-globalization, protectionism and unilateralism, according to Zhang.

He forecast the upcoming BRICS Summit would focus on deepening cooperation to promote common development, playing bigger role in global governance to deal with world challenges, intensifying people-to-people exchange and renovating mechanism.Leaders of the five-nation bloc will meet in Xiamen city next month for the 9th BRICS Summit.

Since 2009, BRICS summits have been held annually. The nations’ foreign, finance and security ministers also meet regularly.During the past years, the BRICS members have doubled their GDP weighting to 23 per cent of the world’s total.

Zhang Jianping, a researcher with the commerce ministry, said at the briefing that BRICS Plus was open to all developing nations, including those from G20 members.Instead of being tarnished, the BRICS cooperative mechanism will shine ever brighter in future as more potential is tapped, according to Zhang. (IANS)

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