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EPF stats stump naysayers, add record 1.01 crore in six months

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) enrolled 1.01 crore workers through its Employees’ Enrollment Campaign, which ended on June 30. Under it, employers got the opportunity to file ...
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Employment generation and sustainable growth – The Irony

An essential characteristic of equitable growth is its ability to generate productive and remunerative employment. This is, of course, a concern that is as old as the study ...
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India-origin Varadkar to become Ireland’s PM

India-origin Leo Varadkar of the governing centre-right Fine Gael party is set to become Ireland’s first openly gay prime minister after winning a party leadership election. At 38, ...
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The gun and grenade fanatical militants set ablaze the prosperity of J & K

If you destroy schools, you destroy sanity. If you blow up bridges, you demolish the bridges of amity and fraternity. That is what militants have done in Jammu ...
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Revamping NCERT textbooks: A much awaited move

Elementary education forms the basis of mental development in children and equips them with the skills, confidence and competence that are needed to lead their life as they ...
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