About US

Shoonya.in aims at giving a new dimension to online business and economy English journalism. It is driven by a team of highly qualified journalists, researchers, experts and other professionals along with a dedicated team of reporters working and analysing various economic and welfare policies at the grassroots level. We are not obsessed with the usual habit of criticising governments and their policies, but certainly leave nothing unturned in presenting the true picture and status of government initiatives and other ground realities to all stakeholders. One can easily say that at Shoonya.in, our journalistic motto veers around the concept of being a guide, critic and philospher. In today’s journalism, readers are served with too much of opinonated writings with little on ground realities, whereas at Shoonya.in our emphasis is on coming out with realistic assessments of policy initiatives and their implementation at the grassroots level.

Lofty words are written in appreciation of the government schemes and no one is spared when someone has to criticise the government, thus very few words are written about the ground realities, something which should be the primary objective of media as the watch-dog. At a time when the government at the Centre and in the states are trying to achieve the goal of inclusive development, we must see if their econimic policies and industrial principles are moving in the right direction yielding desired results or not. Our research desk adds a lot of value in every write-up, which is shared with our readers.

A venture of Gauri Media Production and Consultancy, thrust of Shoonya.in is on giving an indepth insight into what is happening in the industrial and business arena at the grassroots level. Though too early for us to pat our back ourselves, we are confident that Shoonya.in will be able to carve a niche for itself in a short span of time. Your feedback will always be eagerly awaited. Please write to us at feedback@shoonya.in which we will certainly be incoporated in our operations to serve our readers in the best possible manner.